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 They VELLALAR called "arunattu peasant communities mulavaralaru cent revelations King Arulmigu Nataraja Peruman natanamitum Chidambaram city and the headquarters of the beginning, over time, Trichy near tiruppaincili area resident amarntat and. Later, Salem, Madurai districts drinking amarntat and tiruvanaikka arunattu peasant association in the ceppetukal the information coming.


"VELLALAR they called" namminam Erode, Pollachi region abounded in the "Kongu counters" subtype of the species "Vellala Gounder" are considered to be the origin. Papers and documents registered in the land of our ancestors, "Vellala Gounder caste-based ....." All are recorded as patitirankalum. Until 1912 the name of our ancestors of their "counter" as the ataimoliyaittan. Some areas still melnatu "counter" use of the epithet of their peyarukkup .1912 - kkup the registered land documents in the "child" is an adjective. We all "Vellala Gounder" as the class certification deeper caste. The evidence we have in our house munnoral nilappatirankale recorded testimony.'s Caste in the "Vellala Gounder caste" that is mentioned in documents


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